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Home Design Solution in the Kelowna Area

Robinson Design Inc. is committed to offering timely service and creative design solutions. Our reputation for designing great-looking homes sets us apart from the competition, with builders frequently commenting that they prefer to work from our clear, complete, well-detailed and dimensioned construction drawings.

We think of the everyday livability of all the homes we design, keeping in mind the need for timeless, head-turning curb appeal. We visualize the finished product so you can trust that your home design will not only be functional, but also look great. Our three decades of experience also helps us design homes that are structurally well-thought-out, saving you money in the process.

You can rely on Robinson Design Inc. to offer you timely turnaround service and meet all deadlines. We listen closely to your wants and needs, then incorporate them into the home of your dreams. We not only give you what you ask for, but we go above and beyond by coming up with thoughtful design solutions to everyday living and family dynamics.

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  • Custom Home Design Specialist

  • Clear Detailed Construction Drawings

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